Final Project Conclusion

 What we thought would be the easiest part of the final project, working on the animation, actually had a lot of challenges of its own. In total we had to make 36 bits of clay animation and it was a lot of work. In the beginning we started out with wire figures that we covered in clay – we had 36 figures that we intended to use as trapeze artists, tightrope walkers and dancers but trying to afix these delicate animations to the wheel was a disaster. They had so many limbs to move and were so fragile they ended up falling off the wheel and were just smushed. So we had to start from scratch. This time we chose bigger, bolder pieces – parts of the body: eyes, nose and mouth – and made their actions very small but very difined – the blinking of the eye, the twitching of the nose the sticking out of the tongue on the mouth. This worked out a lot better. We still had trouble attaching all the clay pieces to the spoke however – this is because we were workign with soft, unbakeable clay. We had originally intended to work with bakeable clay but could not see that through because we did not have access to kilm large enough to bake all our pieces. In the end we did the best we could to attach all the pieces to the spokes. The end result worked well enough althought this project was a great deal of work and a considerable effort to produce.





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