Final Project Progress

I worked very hard on the final – I think for me this was the most trying work that I have ever done. The technology aspect of it was daunting, but so was the actual construction. On one of the first days that I met with the group I was given the task of unscrewing all the spokes on one bicycle wheel – the wheel was old and rusted together and it took me a tremendous amount of time to do this physical labor. I have never constructed anything before or worked in a woodshop so this was a particular challenge for me.

As the days went on our group met more and more often. We ordered a series of parts online – including some super bright, 3 watt LEDS and a Hall Effects sensor. Essentially, the way the wheel will be constructed is that at every point where there will be an animation, a magnet will be placed – these magnets will be read by the Hall Effect sensor in our circuit which will then tell the LEDS to flash. To read more about Hall Effect sensors and how they can be used see here:


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