Midterm Concept

For the midterm assignment I am in a group with Tim and Marlon. When we started talking about ideas for the project I said that for my part I love plants and nature and am interested in projects that are naturally powered (by the sun and wind). A lot of projects are technologically complex and very beautiful but they are so remote from our natural world. I would like to create something that reminds us of the importance of the natural world around us and incorporates the technology in a seamless way (almost unnoticable) so that it is not the driving force but merely the facilitator.We had many ideas and discussed many issues that concern environmental changes in our world today, but ultimately we had to decide on a simple, straightforward idea that we could accomplish together in a short amount of time. Tim and Marlon were impressed with the amount of plants I have in my office – it is a jungle – and they asked me how I am able to take care of all of them…so the idea grew out of that.

Our proposal became to build a solar powered plant pot – that seeks out the best source of light for itself and drives the plant to that spot. The whimsical aspect of it is that a plant can grow and stretch towards the sun but it has no mobility, it cannot pick itself up and move if it is in an unfavorable spot – so the solar powered plant pot would be the facilitator – allowing the plant the mobility to change its environment.

Our first step was to see if such a device does not already exist – and although we did discover a rather similar project: a rotating plant pot that encourages the plant to grow evenly by constantly moving all sides towards the sun so none grow larger on one side – our particular idea of a plant pot that actually moves was nowhere to be found (so we concluded that perhaps such a project has not been created yet)

self-watering plant pot

a self-watering plant pot we came upon as we were researching this midterm

in its original context at: http://uk.gizmodo.com/2006/07/07/selfwatering_iv_plant_pot.html


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