Observation Assignment

Back slanted and hunching forward, shoulders up and arms bent, eyes fixed. Using the computer demands that you sit down for long stretches of time. Breaks are infrequent. Eyes are unblinking for large periods and concentration is immersed on a stretch of screen, the light of which emanates out and covers everything in an unnatural hue.

 The computer requires the user to sit down and access information by use of a keyboard and a mouse – the only inputs through which the machine senses the human presence. Computer use isolates the human – the human must come to the computer and sit down to interface with the computer in its environment – it is a solitary action that fixes attention and isolates activity to a few movements.

 All humans of the developed world interact with a computer in this way. Enslaved to a desk, suffering from back problems, eye problems, inaction and obesity. Very few take the recommended amount of breaks – very few explore alternative ways of accessing information. Reliance on computer technology increases and increases – and human quality of life diminishes in this unnatural environment.

 I am dreaming of an unconventional computer – one that will give me access to information while allowing me the freedom of movement that is natural to me. I am dreaming of a computer that improves my quality of life and does not restrict me to sitting down behind a desk.


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