Week 4 – Analog Out & Servo Motors

This week we are working with servo motors. Creating a moving mechanism is very exciting and opens up many possiblities. A while back I was very interested to see the movie Science of Sleep by Michel Gondry, which utilizes a lot of physical computing projects and do-it yourslef gizmos. One of the most fascinating objects that was made for the movie is a piano that has a video screen attached to it – when you press a key you see a video of another person playing that same key, if you press two keys you see two videos, and so on and on until a maximum of 16 frames of video is displayed. It is very whimisical and clever. The piano was part of an exhibit at Deitch Gallery and was titled “The Science of Sleep: an exhibition of sculpture and creepy pathological little gifts”.


a p-comp piano at the Deitch Gallery as part of the Science of Sleep show

Here is Tim and I playing with servo motors: http://itp.nyu.edu/~ts1200/Pcomp/Week4Lab/Servo.mov


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