Arthur Ganson

This week the artist Arthur Ganson came to give a lecture at ITP and our class was very lucky to be able to go listen to his talk. His work is very quirky and whimsical and highly inventive – it also uses technology in a very unconventional way. His work does not focus on electronics – his pieces are engineering feats. Gadgets and gizmos are in the service of poetry. His works are set to motion by hand-cranks and gears and all the functioning apparatuses are very transparent. They have fascinating titles like “Machine with Artichoke Petal” or “Dododecapede”. They are “karmic” machines set off by fate, machines that correspond with the user by writing cursive notes and machines that love oil, fabric, feathers, baby dolls and wishbones.

To see his work:

Here is one of my favorite pieces:



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