Performing Technology Final

Here is a recording of my performance for the last class of Performing Technology:

And here is a close-up of the video that was projected on the floor:
The poem is transcribed here:

There was an earthquake and each wooden plank came loose,  like a breeze over my sheets. The sockets burst and I trembled. All around was electricity. And I stayed to watch the doorposts flame. And the golden shards of morning break everything down. To the warm of the outside.

The voices on the street came overlayered and overloaded. A switchboard with all the connections gone awry. Giant and anxious. and I walked the street with my bangs neatly covering my forehead. And the little red gash the cupboard made when it swung apart. Violent and red. It was my little secret.

An old woman looked at me to say: “A little fire is a jewel against frost and darkness.” But I did not look back. I let the streets wash over me in a thicket of kisses. It’s dreamy weather and my skin shines like embers.


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