old fashioned cocktails used egg flip to give consistency to the brew. in ‘l’ecume des jours” the pianocktail is described as adding in egg flip with the right pedal. this is an important feature we wanted to preserve because it lends to making classy, frothy, old-fashioned drinks.


The egg has been called nature’s near perfect food, but few realize that it’s also nature’s most perfect cocktail ingredient: A raw egg white in the shaker can turn a drink into a wispy, frothy joy, while the richness of the yolk is what continues to make eggnog sinful.

Egg whites have long been used in old-fashioned cocktails, such as flips (comprising a spirit, egg and sugar) and sours (a spirit, egg, sugar and citrus). The most famous of these are probably the pisco sour and New Orleans’ gin fizz. Should you want to try making either at home, go to, a comprehensive cocktail database, which has 216 recipes that call for egg whites. The options are nearly endless.


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