options for releasing the liquor

since electric valves are a bit too pricey we are looking at other possible methods for releasing the liquor from the bottles in the pianocktail. we have experimented with all sorts of contraptions. here are just two of the options we have considered. the first requires the use of a servo motor to twist on and off the cap that plugs the liquid from flowing, the second requires the use of a solenoid to push down on a pump to squirt out the liquid. neither are ideal so we are still working on perfecting the mechanism. we will have to repeat this at least 48 times, for each of the bottles that we will house in the pianocktail.

servo motor:

bottle option #1, twisting cap:


bottle option #2, press down pump:

i have found another pianocktail that was built by Voel Martin and Jean Mougne and here is an image of how they solved the problem of housing and releasing the liquors:


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