MOMA website

The new MOMA website is now available. The social bar created by ShiftSpace allows you to choose your favorite pieces from the MOMA collection, create sets and share them with your friends. You can also e-mail or text yourself reminders to go to lectures or film screenings. Another feature is that now you can also instantly share information from the MOMA site directly to Facebook, Twitter, Delicious and Google.


The social bar has maintained the look and functionality of ShiftSpace but has integrated this social feature into the design of the site itself. While some sites may see the ShiftSpace platform as parasitcally sitting above their content, MOMA wanted that platform integrated into its design. The result is a bridging of a divide, a reaching out into another dimension, by incorporating text and e-mail functionality and sharing via social networks. The MOMA site is now more interactive and each viewer can customize their experience.


The other great feature is that the vast MOMA collection is now better archived online – in its previous site MOMA did not have image, multimedia and content imformation for the bulk of its collection. Now there are nearly 25,000 works available for preview online.



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