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  1. Florica,
    Pianocktail what an incredible project. Thats huge! C’est grand! je me demande quelle genre de musique doive-je jouer pour gouter unbon “Dirty Martini”?

  2. In Hybridization your are sceptical about people bringing their prejudices when listening to other ideas. I agree with your last sentence actually.
    I think that one should always be prejudiced. Since each of us carry the tradition of our forefathers and foremothers. Before we can judge and criticize another culture for example we have to understand it. Professor Alan Bloom so explains it in his seminal work “The Closing of the American Mind”.

    He explains that American students are subject to the nefarious “virtues” of Openness and Relativism. He writes that “the current education system pays no attention to natural rights or the historical origins of our regime, which are now thought to have been essentially flawed and regressive. It is progressive and forward looking. It does not demand fundamental agreement or the abandonment of old or new beliefs in favor of the natural ones. The current education system is open to all kinds of men, all kinds of life-styles, all ideologies. There is no enemy other than the man who is not open to everything. But when there are no shared goals or vision of the public good, is the social contract any longer possible?”.
    Thank You,

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